About Our Company

Dixon Sales and Products LLC

Established August 1st, 2018.

We specialize in surplus and lost freight auctions. Buying in bulk through these auctions allows us to obtain a variety of products and sell them to the consumer for lower than most stores are even capable of selling at. Even though we buy in bulk, we do not obtain a lot of one item but rather we obtain a bulk of a wide variety of products.  We sell for low prices, but are limited in the amount of particular products. Therefore, as a consumer if you see something you want, don't wait! It may not be there next time you look, so be sure to check our DSP outlet often as new products are being added every day.
Due to the nature of where our products come from, some items may be open box, distressed packaging, have no packaging or have some product informality to them.  Our DSP team prides ourselves in quality assurance and inspections of the products. All negative product conditions will be placed in descriptions of the products you are buying, be sure to read everything closely. However, any products not in original non-damaged packaging receive even more discount!