10 Pack Vyaire AirLife Disposable Bacteria Filter

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New in packaging, comes with 10!
The Vyaire Medical Airlife Disposable Bacteria Filter is a small, lightweight, and easy to use bacteria filter that pushes water molecules away and traps bacteria and viral particles within the filter. This filtration process is known as electrostatic attraction and works by building up an electrostatic charge when the air is flowing through the filter system. This causes bacterial and viral particles to be attracted to the filter. By trapping these harmful particles, the Airlife Disposable Bacteria Filter will prevent you from breathing in harmful bacteria that can cause infection.

The Vyaire 001851 Airlife Filter can be used in multiple applications including ventilators and high-flow Oxygen Therapy systems to prevent bacteria and microbes from spreading into the patient's airways. For best results, this filter should be changed after every 24 hours of use.

Product Features:

Light and Easy to Adapt and Use
Permits for Visual Control of Device
Multiple Application Filter
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) 99.9 Percent
Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) 99.7 Percent
Flow Resistance at 1.0L/Second - 0.54 Centimeters H2O
Flow Resistance at 1.0L/Second After 48 Hours - 0.90 Centimeters H2O
Compressible Volume - 43 Milliliter
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