2 Pack Filmgoo One Way Window Mirror Blue SV006 17.7 Inches x 7.8 Feet

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Brand new in packaging
  • 【HEAT CONTROL AND ENERGY SAVING 】FILMGOO one way Window film Blocking out 85% of infrared rays, 10% of VLT meaning effectively reduce glare.  Our heat control window film can retain heat in winter and keep the heat out in summer, especially in intense summer. Helping reduce expensive heating and cooling costs.
  • 【ADVANCED UV BLOCKING PROTECTION】UV solvents added at the bottom, FILMGOO window reflective film effectively blocks out 97% of UV rays, and reduces fading and aging of interior furnishings, with anti-scratch layer on the surface, friction resisting, won’t fade nor blister, easy to remove, economical and practical.  For beauties, our blocking window film can prevent sunburn, sunburn, anti-aging and freckles.  Ultraviolet rays are the biggest enemy to delay aging
  • 【STATIC CLING WINDOW TINT NON ADHESIVE】Our window tint coverings are glue free design, no chemical release, very easy to install, just make sure window surface is completely clean and absolutely free of any blemishes, remember to use A LOT of soap/water mixture to soak both the adhesive side and window, This removable solar window vinyl is made from earth  friendly PVC, thickness of 0.15mm,clear and bright, no need glue when applying.  It's convenience! Easy to tear it off leave no trace.
  • 【DAYTIME PRIVACY PROTECTION 】FILMGOO one way window film provides great intended privacy during daytime. The mirror-effect is reversed at night since the interior will be exposed to more light than the exterior. The side with the most light will have the mirror-like appearance  .Note: when the inside light is stronger than outside, like the lights in the room are on, the mirror effect will be reversed. So the inside could be see through outside.  Remember to draw curtain during night.
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