2 Pack Sealcon CD21N7-BR 3/4" NPT Dome 3 Hole .20" (5.2 mm) Insert Cord Grip

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Sealcon 3/4" NPT Nickel Plated Brass Multi-hole Cable Glands, are also referred to as Strain Relief Fittings or Cord Grips. They are used in many industries to connect wire or cable to different applications. This cable gland is able to provide a NEMA 4x (IP 65) rating. The cable must not be less than 80% of the diameter of the hole to meet that rating. The difference between the cable's diameter and the hole's diameter also cannot be more than .04" (1 mm). The NEMA 6 (IP 68) submersible rating may be possible, but testing of the fitting may be required to confirm it. The ACME thread on the CD21N7BR dome top is self locking, with the overlapping splines creating an even seal and keeping the form seal from coming out of the fitting. It also provides pull-out protection for your cable so no damage is caused.
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