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Suitable for multiple applications, this T/CCI compressor features a keyed shaft, CW/CCW rotation, and a tube-o head type. It also has 2 comp cylinders. The compressor is considered to be the heart of the air conditioning and heating system because it serves as a pump to push refrigerant throughout the system efficiently. The compressor takes refrigerant in through an inlet or suction port, compresses it under extremely high pressure, and pumps it through an outlet or discharge port to be cooled and distributed throughout the rest of the HVAC system.
Although CoolStar AC compressors are built to last, regular use of your truck's heating and cooling system can cause wear and tear over time. Checking and replacing your AC compressor regularly ensures the longevity of your entire AC system and can help you or your fleet embark on a smooth, successful trip. CoolStar specializes in HVAC components for all major applications including Mack, Volvo, Kenworth, Freightliner, and more. CoolStar is part of MEI Corporation, an industry leader in HVAC components for class 6, 7, and 8 trucks since 1957. Shop our online catalog or call today to find the right CoolStar AC compressor or other HVAC components for your trucking needs.
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