Direct SharkBite 22675-0045, 1" EB45-DSB

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The EB-45 Series is a lead-free1 half-cartridge based pressure reducing and regulating valve with a bronze body. The valve construction is similar to a traditional regulator in that it retains a separate spring chamber and adjusting screw, but offers the simplicity and maintenance benefits of a cartridge based valve. The EB-45 is assembled using modular construction methods and features end connections threaded for both FIP and union in 1" through 2" sizes. A connection for a pressure gauge is also available for 3" and 1" models.

The EB-45 is intended for use where supply line pressure does not exceed 300 psi (400 psi 1/2", 3/4", and 1"). The EB-45 pressure regulators are supplied by the factory with a standard delivery setting of 45 psi. The outlet pressure can be adjusted from 10-70 psi without changing the spring. This regulator is suited for either cold or hot (to 180°F) water service.
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