IncuTherm™ | Digital Egg Incubator Thermometer & Hygrometer (Measures Humidity)

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New! Comes with 2 units
Celsius or Fahrenheit
Memory storage of high and low temp and humidity readings
Compact with LARGE LCD screen
Flip out stand for easy placement
2 strong magnets for easy mounting (on back)
The two biggest factors in achieving a successful hatch are correct temperature and humidity. With these factors in mind, we created the IncuTherm™ series digital thermometer/hygrometers.

The IncuTherm™ is able to accurately measure and display the temperature and relative humidity at the same time which can be displayed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. A compact design allows the IncuTherm™ to be placed inside the incubator without taking up much space while a large LCD screen makes it easy to read. The built-in high and low memory stores the highest and lowest temperature and humidity readings since the last memory reset. This helps you ensure ideal conditions for a successful hatch.
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