Merrill Stainless Steel Check Valves - 1000 Series - CVS50 1/2"

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New in box

- No Spin Poppet

- Solid 304 stainless steel construction

- Stainless steel check valves are rated for a maximum weight of 2000lbs. in tension (down pull)

- All parts stainless steel - spring, lock nut on poppet, and nut retaining cup locks spring to nut

- Guide bearing of Delrin around poppet stem for straight operation and eliminates wear

- No-spin poppet for demanding installation directly above the submersible pump

- Ideal for Ag chemical applications - WARNING - not to be used with anhydrous ammonia

- Only requires 1.5 psi to open CVSE - has a VITON O-ring seal to prevent drain back in harsh chemical environments

- Rated at 450psi max

- Includes VITON O-ring for your environment needs

Temp Ratings

- Max temp. for CVS & FVS 190 degrees Fahrenheit

- Temp. range for CVSE & FVSE with VITON O-ring -4 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit
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