Pack of 2 PEX Flush Mount Clips (100pc/box) with 5/8″ for 1/2″ Tubing OD by Peter Mangone

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New in box, 2 boxes of 100 each
These Peter Mangone 1/2″ Flush Mount Clips can be used to install 1/2″ PEX and CPVC  staples and come in a box of 100 pcs. No nicking, no compressing, no piercing: installations with the RB Flush Mount Clips are damage-free. The polyethylene material of the clips matches the material of the tubing so that normal expansion is allowed but friction noise is reduced. Properly installed with either the RB-5 Manual Clip Gun or the RB-6 Pneumatic Clip Gun. these clips provide holding power that is both safe and long-lasting. The RB Flush Mount Clips are also utilized in “staple up” installations in which the installer wants the tubing to be held flush against the wood for maximum heat transfer. In such applications the maximum heat transfer must be  weighed against the chances of expansion noises. Installations will be strong and long-lasting. 
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