Sparta 4029000 Broiler Stainless Steel Bristle 30 NO HANDLE

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New, although some bristles are slightly bent
Wire brushes and Stainless Steel metal Scrapers make quick and easy removal of heavy Carbon deposits, rust, and burned-on food build up.
Broiler Master features a specially treated wooden head with two-sided Stainless (40290) or Carbon Steel (40026) bristles, a metal end Scraper, and a 30 in. wood handle.
40291 Oven Brush features crimped Brass wire bristles and a full length Stainless Steel Scraper for cleaning high-temperature stack ovens.
40293 Pizza Oven Brush has crimped Brass wire bristles and a full length Aluminum Scraper on a low-profile head for cleaning the narrow spaces inside pizza ovens.
45772 Pizza/BBQ Oven Brush has Steel wire bristles and permanent 39 in. hardwood handle.
40676 Butcher Block Brush has aggressive tempered Steel wire bristles in hardwood block to scrape away contaminated layers of wooden butcher blocks and wooden cutting boards.
40675 features two sets of stainless steel bristles, stiff for course residue and fine for fine residue.
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