TUNA UL & CUL Listed 1/2"NPT Fire Sprinkler Head 155°F (68°C) Concealed Pendent Spray K80 Standard Response for Automatic Fire sprinkler System Concealed Head with White Cover Plate

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UL & CUL listed EX6430. 1/2 " NPT (National National Pipe Thread) American thread fire sprinkler heads
Temperature Rating: 155°F (68°C);Discharge Coefficient: K=5.6(U.S) /80(Metric);Nominal Orifice Size:1/2"(15mm)
Maximum Working Pressure:175psi(12bar); Min. Operating Pressure: 7psi (0.48bar); Factory Hydrostatic Test: 100%@ 500psi (34.5bar)
Frame: Bronze; Button: Brass/Copper; Sealing Assembly: Beryllium Nickel w/Teflon; Bulb: Glass Compression; Screw: Bronze; Deflector: Copper
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